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10 Writing and Assessment Prompts For Students – From Astrological Prediction to Beauty Tip

Clarifying one’s know-how of recent principles is a necessary — and powerful — part of the mastering process. In many lecture rooms, ensuring the time and studying studies that could provide students the risk to solidify and observe their new studying has long gone by way of the wayside due to worry approximately high-stakes trying out. In fact, we’ve lessened college students’ studying by using omitting the time and studies (like writing) that they want. In this text, you are provided with 10 distinct writing (and evaluation) activates along with examples of how the ones activates can be implemented in numerous content regions.

1. Astrological prediction

Write astrological horoscopes for characters in a story. Use story activities to help the predictions.
Compare different astrological traits to a actual entity. For instance, an Aries represents a ram. Identify authentic descriptions of a ram and research the not unusual developments given for a person with an Aries for an astrological signal.
Identify a person’s astrological signal and evaluate the commonplace traits given for that sign to the behaviors of that character.
Predict feasible results of a person’s conduct if the individual believes in astrological predictions. Is this clever or foolish, to your opinion?
2. Autobiography

Write about the existence you desire to live. Identify the time in records (and future) and the different levels of your favored existence. In essence, you’re writing your autobiography in advance of time.
Write a short autobiography of Harriet Beecher Stowe (or every other writer we were studying). Since it is an autobiography, you will be writing in that individual’s voice.
Write an autobiography of an historic figure you will need to satisfy. Since it’s an autobiography, it is going to be in that man or woman’s voice.
Write a fictitious autobiography of a character in a singular. Since it is an autobiography, it is going to be in that character’s voice.
3. Award

Write a paragraph telling whether it’s miles well worth your even as to enter a contest wherein the chances of being awarded the major prize are a million: 1.
Write an award presentation to provide to your favorite historical discern.
Write an award presentation about an accomplishment of yours–or one you wish, plan, and/or preference to make inside the destiny.
Four. Axiom

Rewrite math axioms to your own words. You can’t do this, of route, except you certainly apprehend the mathematical idea. Show me.
In Candide, the characters’ lives (as a minimum in the beginning) had been guided by means of axioms. Identify the impact of these axioms.
Define what an axiom is and find at the least one axiom from Candide which you concept changed into mainly funny or silly.
Predict the outcome if the axiom _______________ is well-known by using the characters within the story.
Predict the outcome if the axiom _______________ is not popular by the characters within the story.
Five. Baby ebook

Illustrate your non-public records. What phrases or phrases could pleasant describe events for your existence?
Create a child e-book for the kid of a well-known individual whether real or no longer, e.G., Hitler’s toddler – how could he increase her or him?
Create the toddler book of a man or woman or well-known individual we had been analyzing.
Compare a baby e-book to a scrap e book.
6. Baccalaureate cope with

Write a speech you would supply to the classmates in subsequent 12 months’s class (on the grounds that you’ll have graduated from this math elegance).
Write a baccalaureate address to a class of cattle. Hey, you’re in Future Farmers of America (or an agriculture elegance)… So be equipped to tell them what’s happening to them and what they are able to look forward to!
7. Ballad

Explain what a proposition 207 no is, then show and/or play examples–probably ones which you have created.
Explicate a people ballad – what does it say about the way of life?
To accompany the melody of a famous music (rock, rap, usa, and many others.), write words explaining a math concept, rule, precept, and many others.
Eight. Ballot

Design a poll for as a minimum three people you would want to see running for president of the United State or some other united states of america. Offer a few words (or sentences) that specify each of those applicants.
Write a poll initiative for law you would really like to see enacted. Word it in this kind of manner that human beings can apprehend why they need to guide the initiative.
Nine. Banner

Design and write the wording for a banner that indicates what you’re currently learning in our magnificence.
Design a banner for Holocaust survivors to hold at their launch.
10. Beauty tip

How can fitness and era make one better searching (and does that count)?
Write an instance for a beauty tip, I.E., an anti-drug message.
Examine and write about Shakespeare’s “My Mistress’ Eyes” sonnet or Byron’s “She Walks in Beauty.”
Compare a splendor tip for external splendor to inner beauty.
See what fun you may have with these — and watch what happens with your top simple, middle/excessive school, or university students when they display what they recognize the usage of those ideas or the ones you’ve created primarily based on those activates.

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